The annual audit held during the second week of November has confirmed and renewed 4bases’ ISO 13485 certification, absolutely essential for the production and commercialization of CE-IVD medical devices.
On top of this, 4bases quality assurance staff is working to assure that our procedures and processes are already compliant with the new european regulations on IVD products that will be effective on May 2022.
These achievements are one of the results of the excellent skills and professionalism demonstrated by every employee in a great team, continuously working to provide the medical and scientific community with clinically validated and cost-effective solutions to support therapeutic decisions and guarantee the best possible outcome for patients.
Congratulations and a warm thank you to all:
Fabio Grandi , Luca Trotta , Sabrina Prada, giampiero marghella , Arianna Boscaro , mariaelena caldana , Irene Marini , martina rossi and Olaf Galbiati !