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Clinically-validated and cost-effective solutions to healthcare professionals


Our Values​

Our Values



Sensitivity, Specificity, Accuracy and Precision of our tests must exceed 99%.



There is no quality without certification. 4bases is ISO13485:2016 certified.



We give our contribution to the progress of life sciences and develop new products.


Patients First

The success of our company is based on our capability to improve patients’ lives.

Who we are

4bases is a Swiss based company with a production facility in Italy. It was launched in 2013 to address increasing medical needs in the fields of prevention and precision medicine. 4bases is ISO13485:2016 certified company and works according to the European directive on in vitro diagnostic medical devices (CE – IVD).


Our mission is to offer clinically-validated and cost-effective solutions to healthcare professionals who perform or rely on diagnostic genetic tests to support therapeutic decisions and guarantee the best possible outcome for patients.


Our vision is that, as both precision and preventive medicine will develop significantly in the next years, the need for clinically validated diagnostic genetic tests will strongly increase. 4bases is therefore continuously developing new solutions both as companion diagnostics and for inheritated gene mutations. 4bases’ plan is to accelerate its development programs through commercial and technological partnership.

We care for patients and their families

Behind every product we develop, behind every kit we prepare and behind every single action we take we never forget that patients are for us the most important persons. If they need us, it might be because someone in their family has been diagnosed with a genetic disease and their risk to develop the same disease has to be evaluated. It might either be because they have been diagnosed with a disease that could be related to a gene mutation and getting information on this mutation is crucial to making a therapeutic decision. In any case, if they need us to deliver excellence it is because their life or the life of a loved one needs some questions to be answered before going on. We, at 4bases, never forget that.