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CE IVD kit for the analysis of the
SARS CoV 2 genome

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4bases  is certified ISO 13485 and some of our products are available CE-IVD for diagnostic purposes.


4bases is a Swiss Company specialized in the development and production of clinically validated / CE IVD certified genetic diagnostic solutions.

What We Offer

Our products are reagent kits for platform-independent New Generation DNA Sequencing (NGS), data analysis software and diagnostic protocols.

Our Values

  • Precision
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Patients First

We are ISO 13485 certified

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Paper of the Month

- May 2022 -

Identifying patients with Lynch syndrome using a universal tumor screening program in an integrate healthcare system

Our team’s reading recommendation for this month is “Identifying patients with Lynch syndrome using a universal tumor  screening  program  in  an  integrated  healthcare system” 1, an excellent scientific study conducted by Crain et al and recently published in “Hereditary Cancer in Clinical Practice”…

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