4bases data analysis software.

4bases kits sequencing results are validated for the data analysis with two CE-IVD software:

  • SmartSeq Amplicon Suite, a CE-IVD standard alone software for the detection of genetic variants in human specimens. Amplicon Suite operates automatically by means of a front-end for user interaction and a back-end for data elaboration. Through the client interface, the user can easily upload the data to back-end, start analysis and explore obtained results by means of simple and intuitive graphical representations.
  • Varsome Clinical software, a CE-IVD clinically validated tool for variant discovery, annotation, and interpretation of NGS data (whole genomes, exomes, and gene panels, for individual samples, trios, families, and cohorts).

VarSome Clinical supports molecular geneticists and clinicians in the achievement of diagnoses and tailoring treatment strategies for genetic conditions.

Read more: https://saphetor.com/varsome-editions/varsome-clinical/